It has been near 6 months since Mishal Al Balushi’s final showdown with Bani Safi, a sorcerer organization tried to tame powerful jinn and take over the country. Now, 16 year-old Mishal is the captain of newly formed team 14 at Sarim, the Public Authority for Anti Jinn Operations. He uses his power over fire to protect his team members, eager Salim and young Salwa, even when Mishal knows that they’re not yet ready to fight jinn on their own. When not fighting to protect Oman, Mishal bickers with Asaad Al Nabhani, who has been chosen as Mishal’s boss, and he seeks advice from Eman Al Lawati, who is achieving the remarkable as captain of her own team. But when Mishal and Asaad discover that an ancient jinni is seeking to possess Asaad, the two vow to stop the possession from happening. Feeling uncertainty deep in his heart, Mishal finds himself confronted with a choice: Should he trust Asaad to take care of this jinni as always? Or will Mishal rise up to help his friend?
كود المخزن: 949
5.000 ر.ع.‏